Last update: July 2019

General legal glossaries

Common court, tribunal and legal terms for interpreters (Translation Journal)
Legal Dictionary (Duhaime)
Law dictionary
Law dictionary
Legal terms in plain language (Victora Law Foundation)
Legal glossary – National Center for State Courts
Legal glossary – New York State Unified Court System
Legal glossary – The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania
Legal glossary – The Law Society, UK
Legal glossary – Superior Court of California
Legal glossary – University of Denver
Legal glossary – The Centre for Justice & Accountability
Legal glossary – State of Connecticut Judicial Branch
Legal glossary – United States Department of Justice
Legal glossary – New Mexico Courts
Legal glossary – United States Courts
Legal glossary – Oregon Judicial Branch
Legal glossary – Federal Court of Australia
Legal glossary – Crown Office & Prosecutor Fiscal Service
Legal glossary – Legal Services Commission of South Australia
Legal glossary – Legal Aid Ontario
Legal glossary – American Bar Association
Legal glossary – University of New Mexico
Legal glossary – Law Society of Alberta
Legal glossary – New Brunswick Courts
Legal glossary – Supreme Court of Singapore
Legal glossary – Ministry of the Attorney General, Ontario
Legal glossary – US Legal
Legal glossary – North Carolina Judicial Branch
Legal glossary – New York City Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings
Legal glossary – Judiciary Northern Mariana Islands
Legal glossary – Indiana Judicial Branch
Legal glossary – Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, Australia
Legal glossary – Hobart Community Legal Service
Legal glossary – Courts Service Ireland
Legal glossary – Virgin Islands Bar Association
Legal glossary – Victoria Legal Aid
Legal glossary – Virginia’s Judicial System
Legal glossary – California Courts
Legal glossary – The Courts of Nova Scotia
Legal glossary – Arizona Judicial Branch
Legal glossary – District of Columbia Courts
Legal glossary – Justice Education Society, Canada
Legal glossary – Winston & Strawn

Thematic legal glossaries

Administrative law (Louisiana State University)
Agriculture and food law (The National Agricultural Law Center)
Arbitration (Paris Arbitration)
Business law (University of Central Oklahoma)
Civil procedure and civil law (European Judicial Training Network)
Civil procedure rules (Justice UK)
Compliance and regulation law (The Journal of Regulation)
Copyright law (UK Copyright Service)
Credit, financial and legal terms (Creditworthy Co.)
Criminal justice (British Columbia)
Criminal law (Justia)
Criminal law (Findlaw)
Criminal law (George H. Ramos Jr.)
Criminal proceedings (Justisigns)
Divorce law (Gilligan Frisco & Trutanich LLP)
DUI law (San Diego Country DUI Law Center)
Elder law (Kabb Law)
Elder law (Seniors First BC)
Employment law (FindLaw)
Employment law and HR (Rockhopper HR)
Environmental law (Australia)
Equality law (Equality and Diversity Forum)
Estate planning (Estate & Elder Law Services)
European Judicial Network (European Commission)
Family court (Delaware Courts)
Family law (
Family law (British Columbia)
Family law (Alaska Court System)
Family Law (Winston Solicitors)
Family law (International Academy of Family Lawyers)
Firearms (Tennessee State Courts)
Jersey law (Jersey Legal Information Board)
Juvenile court terminology (Tennessee State Courts)
Juvenile justice (United Nations Interagency Panel on Juvenile Justice)
Immigration (Immigration Direct)
Industrial organisation economics and competition law (OECD)
International migration law (Interational Organization for Migration)
Labor and legal terminology (University of Hawaii)
Last will (Legal Zoom)
Legislative procedure (European Parliament)
Legislative terms (National Conference of State Legislatures)
Louisiana law (LA-Legal)
Maritime law (Broussard & David)
Oregon legal glossary (Oregon Laws)
Patent cooperation treaty (PCT) (World Intellectual Property Organization)
Patents (European Patent Office)
Personal injury terms (Dolman Law Group)
Probate terms (Superior Court of California)
Property law (Designing Buildings)
Public health law (Public Health Law Center)
Roman law (The Latin Library)
Scottish law (Judiciary of Scotland)
Startup law (Startup Lawyer)
Summaries of EU legislation (Eur-Lex)
Supreme Court terms (Scotus Blog)
Technology and IP law
Trafficking in human being (European Commission)
Treaties (European Commission)
Treaty actions (United Nations)